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We measure, monitor and analyse. We can calibrate measurements while your systems are running. We test up to 28,000 measuring points every year. We also support you in commissioning your assistance.
We guarantee a rapid response, a competent approach to finding a solution and quick fault rectification.
Kissler - we optimise your operational process flows.
  • We support you in complying with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV Section 2 §4) by testing your works systems and equipment in accordance with DGUV V3, DIN VDE 0100-600 and DIN VDE 0105-100
  • We use the latest instruments and the current, legally-compliant documentation software:
    • Gossen-Metrawatt Secutest BASE /10
    • Gossen-Metrawatt Secutest PRO (for arc welding equipment)
    • Mebedo - software
  • The tests are carried out by trained electrical technicians
  • Any necessary repairs can be done immediately, taking cost effectiveness into account
  • We draw up proposals for your maintenance plans or, if requested, the maintenance contracts as well
Smart metering
Loop check
Energy analyses